Course Description

Course 1

In our first set of classes we expand the mind through not only mild spiritual exercises, but also explanations of spiritual principles and truths.

These will be your first steps into the larger world that has been around you from your earliest memories.

Course 2

Once your beginners module is complete we will be moving on to deeper lessons in Universal Dynamics with the purpose of empowering you in your life, your relationships, and your energetic self.  In order to gain a credible hold on your endeavors throughout your life -- it is vitally important to become a Master of the Self.  These exercises and explanations will focus on spiritual use of physical resources and applicable methodology.

Course 3

To some of us, the wind calls our name.  For some of us, the earth has both wrapped us -- and crushed us.  There are those persons on this plane that the water has nourished us -- and dragged us under.  For those of us who have seen the fire and been seen by the spirit within -- this course will show a modern take on the Spiral Path.  This set of classes will tie all of the exercises together as we embark on a Journey to become an Urban Shaman.

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